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How to Make Your Website Look Great and Get More Sales Too!

You've hit the mark with a standout website when you've pulled off the enviable combo of appealing design and optimal functionality. However, prioritize one over the other, and your conversion rates will show it. With the continued need for every business to have a strong digital presence, marketers must align on a strategy that ensures their site is user-friendly, optimized for search, and effectively converting leads to sales.

Update Your Web Design

Don't sleep on web design. According to WPForms, you could see 86% more conversions with compelling visual content on your landing page. Your site may have been developed by a top website design agency ten years ago, but have you refreshed it since? If not, it may be screaming vintage when you were shooting for modern contemporary. Just like changing fashion styles, web design trends can drastically change with time, and keeping tabs on the latest looks can be tough for a marketer who's juggling hundreds of other priorities. Regular site audits can identify areas of weakness and an outside website design agency with its finger on the pulse of what's new and happening will keep your brand stylish.

Leverage Digital Marketing

Digital marketing works, so invest in it. Once you've nailed your website design and flow, don't assume customers will find it on their own. Leverage digital marketing channels including social media, email, other websites, and search engines to lead prospective buyers to your site. The key is to connect with the right people in the right place and time, earn their trust, and let them know why you have the best solution for their needs. Investing in a range of digital tactics will give you a greater chance to connect with buyers and ensure the maximum number of impressions with your audience.

Utilize Analytics

Pay attention to your analytics. A good marketing strategy doesn't come cheap, so be sure you can track every aspect of your work. Tools such as Google Analytics can help you account for every click on your website, so you can track user flows and better account for ad spending. While it can seem overwhelming at first, numerous online tutorials are available to teach you the ins and outs of this tool. Additionally, a good design agency can help you when it's too much for your in-house team to manage.

An attractive website that smartly converts visitors to customers is the ticket to soaring brand growth. When you're ready to level up your presence, let's talk. Rockit Digital actively tracks the trends and we have the know-how to help you find success online. Call us today to learn more or to get started!


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