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2022 Trends to Consider for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

A fluid marketing strategy that is able to incorporate the latest trends is essential. There are a few changes coming in 2022 digital marketing trends that you should consider incorporating into your marketing strategy.

First, What is Staying the Same But Getting Bigger?

We saw voice search components becoming a key part of the 2021 marketing strategy. Adjusting content by including voice search terms is going to be more important in 2022.

Another ongoing trend is going to be even bigger and more important in 2022. About 59% of shoppers report that being able to shop on the go via their smartphones determines who they will shop with. Mobile apps for your business should already be a part of your marketing strategy.

Interactive Content

A recent report found that the attention span of consumers has been reduced from a 12-second attention span in 2000 to an eight-second attention span in 2021. That means that you will need to grab your audiences' attention quickly and be able to do it over and over again.

Podcasts are predicted to become very popular in 2022. Other interactive marketing trends will also emerge in 2022 to get the attention of consumers. Consider incorporating an interactive marketing approach into your marketing strategy.

Instant Value

In consideration of the short attention span consumers seem to be developing, it is important that your content is rife with value from the very beginning. Consumers no longer want to surf the web for answers, they want the answers quickly. Create content focusing on delivering the information consumers need without them having to search for it.

Know Where To Find Your Audience

2022 should be the year that your marketing strategy is built on factual data. The time for working on the wrong social media platform is over. In 2022, a data-driven marketing strategy to reach your target audience is going to be more important than ever. Competition is getting tougher and tougher, there is no time to waste on the wrong platform.

When SMO was new, the attitude was the more channels the better. In 2022, it will be all about exclusivity. Choose a platform that your audience uses and focus on creating great content.

Get Professional Help

Focus on your core business responsibility and let the professionals help you with your marketing strategy. It is the smarter way to do business.


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